Thursday, August 28, 2008

Aardbalm - Formaldehyde Free Embalming

AARDBalm is an alternate embalming and sanitising medium designed from within the funeral industry, for the funeral industry. The design criteria being to create a product that would provide the grieving parties with comfort whilst also meeting the embalmers needs. After four years of research, and the rejection of possible materials, a product group was identified and trialled. In-house trials were of two year duration resulting in a product suitable for practical testing. Those practical tests were undertaken by independent practicing embalmers; two years later the product was perfected. The basis for the product being a long polymer marine originated material used as the carrying medium for the other naturally occurring ingredients. All of the ingredients being non toxic in use or disposal. Administered as a normal embalming procedure the results achieved will provide an appearance for the deceased as being asleep. AARDBalm is not a long term embalming solution, it is a sanitising process post death pre-burial. It will not dehydrate the body, it’s properties will naturally rehydrate thus providing a more natural appearance of the deceased. The product is easy to use and does not require retraining or a change of methodology in any form for the embalmer. It will initially take a little longer to use, for like all product change, expediency with a new product is achieved with familiarity. It will, however, allow the embalmer to dispense with the current requirement for protective clothing, and necessity for extractor fans to meet the current requirement for numerous air-changes. Significant other benefits are: Environmentally Safe Biodegradable Non-infectious Non-toxic

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